Havukruunu – Uinuos syömein sota (2020)

by amy – October 25, 2020 in Music
The cover of Uinuos syömein sota (see metal-archives page). Two crowned figures kneel by the sea and cross swords.

Languish, thy war of my heart…

Choral voices singing in unison always have an attractive and powerful sound. Do they have this effect because they remind us of a long-forgotten age, like a memory of another time buried in our deeper consciousness? This is how this album opens – with what sounds like a pagan hymn echoing off conifer-studded mountainsides. It sounds like the somber chant of a small choir delivering perhaps a declaration or a lament. After this acapella introduction builds anticipation, the title track kicks into gear with a splash of drum fills that wastes no time settling into a fast blast beat. This is accompanied by triumphant, sweeping chord progressions, Finnish vocals that continue to yell in unison and a heavy-metal style solo. This track thus sets the tone for melodic, blackened metal imbued with a distinct Finnish folk flavor. Scandinavian metal with its nostalgic remembrance of pagan history and mythology has always charmed me from across the Atlantic sea with its regal beauty that is so exotic and so northern. The mystery of it makes it all the more appealing.

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