About Me

Me in New ZealandHi, I’m Amy. I grew up in the forests of New Hampshire. I spent my younger days running barefoot outdoors, and writing poems on summer nights on a sleeping bag on the porch while gazing at the moon. I used to read books like crazy, mostly about horses and foxes and Irish Setters. I was a gymnast for several years, and a ballerina for one.

Then I discovered computers, thanks to Dad. Together we learned to tear them apart and put them back together, and how to edit the himem.sys file to get DOS games to work. I studied Computer Science at St. Lawrence University in upstate NY. It’s cold there. I also studied Spanish and took some art classes. I went to Spain a few times and WOOFed in Ireland. Then I built a tentative career in web design. I enjoy this because it combines my interest in art and technology and the internet. I’m not sure about my “career” as such, or where it’s headed, but I’m sure things will be alright and the bills will get paid. In the meantime, I continue to wander in the woods, sometimes getting lost until after dark which is probably not a good idea, considering the coyote population is on the rise…

This blog is a stream of discoveries on the path of life, pieces of nature, pondered quotes and occasional creative endeavors. I’m intrigued by what is found on the forest floor. Here one can find the root of one’s nature; get a glimpse of things from a primal perspective, lose a sense of scale. A person is comparable to a flower, or a mushroom: beautiful and brilliant and briefly lived. Temporary umbrellas unfolding from a vast, subterranean organism.