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by amy – December 15, 2011 in Photography


Coffee ghosts

by amy – December 5, 2011 in Photography


Campfire beans

by amy – December 3, 2011 in Words

campfire_beansI helped Rachael and Adam build a wigwam this weekend. I was the Firekeeper and Chef, among other things. The canned beans were delicious, especially after working hard all morning in 30 degree weather.

Short Moonrise Timelapse

by amy – November 13, 2011 in Video

Testing a timelapse script on my Canon G12. Looks like some of the images are out of focus. There is a shooting star in there if you can catch it, but you’d have to watch the HD version on Vimeo.


by amy – November 12, 2011 in Words

hailstorm-1We got a surprise hailstorm yesterday. It was a weird day…started out all gray and drizzly, then the sun was shining and it was warm, then this hail came… The sun returned later and the trees were all ablaze in reds and oranges. Interesting November we’ve had.

Moving Sunset

by amy –  in Photography

moving sunset
I took this picture from the car. Thought it looked like a nice painting.

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